Basketball Schedule 2018 Season

Updated Monday January 22, 2018 by Justin Duley.


The 2018 Basketball schedules are now posted on the District website (  As always a considerable amount of time and thought is given each year to this process and your Parish Basketball Coordinator was part of these discussions.  Should you have questions regarding your son/daughter's schedule please contact your Coach and they can work with your Parish Coordinator to answer those questions.


Player/Parent Code of Conduct (attached):  If you have not completed this form and returned it to your Coach please take this time over the Holidays to review this with your son or daughter and discuss the importance of sportsmanship.  These COC's are part of all sports at all levels, including High School Sports, so now is a great time to introduce it if you have not done so in the past. 

 St Charles CYC Parent_Athlete COC.pdf


Rules:  There were some rule changes for the 4th-12th grade leagues this year, specifically to time (clock).  Should you want to review you can find our rules here:


Weather/Schedule Updates:  For Weather related updates this year you can follow us on Twitter: @stcharlescyc or check the Rainout line on our website.  Please make sure you look at your schedule week to week on the District Web Site to make sure you don't miss a change.

Thank you again for your support of the CYC and on behalf of all the Parish Basketball Coordinators, St Charles District Board, and myself have a great Season.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Justin Duley- Basketball Chairperson/ 2nd Vice-Chairperson