2018 District Playoffs, Archdiocesan Playoffs

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Youth Basketball Championships

2018 Championship Playoff Dates:
April 7-15, 2018

Championship Playoff Meeting:
Monday, April 2, 2018

Deadline Date for submitting possible conflicts during the playoff dates:
Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Any team that has a chance to advance from their district and qualify for the Archdiocesan Championships that might have a potential religious or school conflict at any time during the dates of playoffs should notify the CYC Office immediately of such potential conflict. Coaches coaching two CYC Teams in the Archdiocesan Playoffs is a conflict and should be submitted. Please provide the nature of your conflict and the time of the conflict. Please be advised that if the conflict is for an entire weekend, that we will most likely NOT be able to schedule around your conflict. Conflicts received after March 28, 2018 may not be able to be accommodated.

** If a conflict is Parish/School related, please also submit a letter/email from your parish/school to verify the dates and times of the event.

**ANY conflict brought forth after March 28, 2018 will have a $50.00 fee. This includes religious or school conflicts.

** Do not wait until you have received your bracket to notify us of the conflict. If you have an event during this time, it is a POTENTIAL conflict. (Will also attempt to consider other conflicts if submitted by the indicated date.)

Click here to download Conflict Form (PDF)
Click here to download Conflict Form (MS Word)
Click here to download Conflict Form (Excel)

Conflicts should be emailed to

** Any team forfeiting or dropping out of the Archdiocesan Championships after the playoff meeting on April 2, 2018 will be assessed the forfeiture fee of $250.00.

Host Districts:
St. Charles CYC District - Girls
South  County CYC District - Boys

District Playoffs Final Results 03262018.pdf
Basketball Playoff Letter 2018.pdf
City_County Rules Cheat Sheet.pdf