Roster and ID Card Requirements

UpdatedFriday August 28, 2015 byAnn Widner.


Teams are required to have a copy of their Official CYC Roster with them at EVERY game.  The Official CYC Roster that can be printed from the Sport Signup software is called the "Formal Roster."  In the upper right hand corner of this roster, the approval status of the roster will be indicated.  Electronic copies of the roster are NOT acceptable.  A paper copy of the roster must be present for review.

A team that does not have the correct roster at a game is subject to forfeiting the game, per CYC policy.

CYC ID cards:

All adults that are listed on a team's roster must have their CYC ID card present with them at EVERY game.  Electronic copies of the ID card are NOT acceptable.  Adults that do not have their CYC ID card with them at a CYC game shall not be allowed to participate in any manner.  A driver's license or other form of picture ID is NOT allowed to take the place of the CYC ID card. 

For the St. Charles CYC District, all players that are on 5th grade and older teams must have their CYC ID card with them at EVERY game.  Electronic copies of the ID cards are NOT acceptable.  Players that do not have their CYC ID card with them at a CYC game that are allowed to participate place the result of the game in jeopardy of forfeiture, per CYC policy. 

*** Any variation of these policies must be approved by the St. Charles District Chairperson or the respective St. Charles District Sport Chairperson. ***