Coaching Requirements

Updated Friday August 28, 2015 by Ann Widner.

The information contained on this page is very important for any adult that wishes to participate with CYC sports as a volunteer in any capacity. In order for an adult to participate as a coach, be it as the manager, head coach, assistant coach, etc. he or she must be listed on the team's official CYC roster.

There are a few things that our volunteers need to do in order to be eligible to be listed on a CYC roster. Please take the time to read the requirements as listed below.

To be a Manager or Coach in the Archdiocesan CYC Sports Program, all persons over the age of 18 must be compliant with the Safe Environment policies of the Archdiocese of St. Louis.  This includes background checks, attending a Protecting God's Children session, and attending Coaching to Make a Positive Difference.

Coaching to Make a Positive Difference is required for all Coaches and Managers (Head Coach). All Coaches must either attend a class in person or take the online class.

All persons interested in Managing or Coaching are selected by the particular Parish/Church/School Athletic Association.

Managers and coaches, as role models, serve an important role in the development of the children in the program, and they are accordingly held to high standards of proper conduct and behavior. 

The CYC would be nothing without so many excellent coaches, dedicated to helping their team members achieve success and spiritual growth, both on and off the field. The Archdiocese and CYC provide as many resources as possible to help coaches reach this goal.

Frequently, we have new coaches that need to know what they have to do to be eligible to coach our youth.  Here is a short summary, with more detailed information below: 

  1. Attend a Protecting God’s Children workshop (this is handled through each parish’s office or through the Archdiocese, not the CYC)
  2. Complete the paperwork in the PGC workshop so that the parish can do a background check.
  3. Take the online Coaching to Make a Positive Difference course, or attend one of these courses as outlined below.  This can be done before the PGC workshop, but the CYC will not issue a CYC ID card unless the adult is on the Archdiocese's list of people who have completed the PGC workshop…
  4. After completing steps 1, 2 and 3; the adult then needs to apply for a CYC ID card.  They will need to know their Coaching to Make a Positive Difference ID number to do this.  (They get the ID number after completing the class/course)
  5. Bring the CYC ID card with them to every CYC sponsored game that they are participating in as a coach.
  6. Any adult that has not completed these requirements (1-3) cannot be listed on a CYC team roster.  Any adult who does not have their CYC ID card with them at a CYC sporting event will not be eligible to participate at that event in any coaching role or be around the bench area.

All Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches (any adult listed on a CYC Roster) of Pre-Kindergarten through 8th Grade teams must attend the CYC Coaching to Make a Positive Difference class, a 2 ½ hour program that helps coaches make a positive difference in their team member's lives. This program can be taken in an online format at the coach's leisure. After attending/completing this program, coaches receive a CYC Coach ID number, which is then used when applying for a CYC ID card.  A listing of current classes can be found by clicking here.